Is your horse acting fidgety?

Check Teeth

This should be done once a year by an equine dentist. A dental check-up can prevent some problems, like head tossing and fidgeting, and will also help to ensure that your horse gets the most benefit from whatever he or she eats.

An adult horse may have between 36-44 permanent teeth. And just like humans, your horse gets two sets of teeth in their lifetime. Your horse starts out with temporary baby teeth and by age five, will most likely have their full set of permanent teeth. The horse's front teeth cut hay and grass, while the top and bottom cheek teeth grind the forage between the flat surfaces in a sideways motion. This grinding action breaks down the food into a pulp before swallowing which helps it to be digested better. If your horse is unable to grind down food all the way due to uneven teeth surfaces, the unchewed food will not be digested as well.

Taking care of your horse's teeth is part of maintaining your horse's health.

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