Horse Boarding on track

Horse boarding on track!

Paddock Paradise promotes free movement and exercise at all times (24/7) with access to Hay,  Himalayan Salt, Redmond Rock Salt, freeze proof waterer and creek access throughout the property.

The natural shelter and run-in shelters provide plenty shade for hot summer days and protection on cold, rainy days. Again, Hay, Salt & Mineral blocks are free choice year round on Paddock Paradise which allows horses to forage as they do in their natural environment!

Each horse will be introduced slowly and eventually roam in a small group of horses. 
Horses are brought in twice daily for a check up and feed. Fly masks are used in the summertime.

Pasture time is regulated (especially spring time) to avoid colic, laminitis and founder. This ensures a safe transition between winter hay and green grass in spring.

Fecal worm counts are performed every 3 months on site.
Certified Natural Hoof Care is available.

⦁    Riding Arena
⦁    Round pen
⦁    Wash bays
⦁    Grooming areas
⦁    Trails on property
⦁    Close to miles and miles of trails in Love Valley
⦁    Fans in every stall
⦁    Fly controll in barn
⦁    Tackroom
⦁    Bathroom & Shower 

Boarding rate: $350 per month